Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to attend the 3rd Global Dairy Congress Africa 2018 event, which will be held on March 27-28, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.
African dairy industry has been rising fast, pushed by GDP Growth, Liberalization, Regional Economic Integration, Growing middle class, Urbanization and Population Growth. Sustainable local milk value chain development projects have been raised from milk production, collection, transformation to distribution.
Meanwhile African dairy value chain is facing challenges like dairy products supply gap, lack of funding & technology, low milk yield, insufficient infrastructure support, weak policy framework, high production cost, few and out-of-date processing facilities, and informal marketing channels. Regional and global stakeholders are welcomed for intervention to address these challenges.
3rd Global Dairy Congress Africa 2018 aims to be the most influential dairy event in Africa to help accelerating African dairy value chain development, by gathering 350+ regional and global dairy communities to figure out solutions for key issues like development policy, infrastructure support, milk quality, dairy farming technology & services, processing technologies, dairy innovation trends, trade and marketing trends together with sustainable development strategies.
I look forward to your participation in 3rd Global Dairy Congress Africa 2018.

Best Regards,

Organizing Committee of 3rd Global Dairy Congress Africa 2018

Event at a Glance


Session 1 Exploring African Dairy Sector: New Initiatives and Opportunities


Session 2 Enhancing Infrastructure Support for African Dairy Industry

Session 3 Ensure Milk Quality and Safety in Africa


Session 4A Productivity-Driven Dairy Farming Solutions to Increase Milk Yields


Session 5A Dairy Farming Services to Support Smallholder Dairy Farmers

Session 6A Sustainable Dairy Farm Development Strategy


Session 4B Emerging Dairy Processing Technologies for New and Upgrading Plants

Session 5B Consumer-Driven Dairy Innovation and Trends


Session 6B Updates on African Dairy Industry Trade Trends

Session 7B Updating Consumer Perspectives & Marketing Landscape

In the event brochure, you will know the 2-day conference this year will more focus on the progress of Africa Dairy Projects.


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