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Concept 概念
Intelligent connected car is equipped with advanced vehicle sensors, controllers, actuators and other devices, and integration of modern communications and network technology to achieve the car to X (cars, roads, people, clouds, etc.) intelligent information exchange, sharing, Environmental awareness, intelligent decision-making, collaborative control and other functions. The terminal goal is to achieve "safe, efficient, comfortable, energy-saving" driving, and ultimately to achieve alternative people to operate a new generation of cars.

Backgrounds 背景
Asia has been suggested to be the biggest markets for autonomous vehicles, although big investments are making by American and European companies in autonomous driving technologies. Consumers in Asian countries appear to be far more open to the idea of owning a self-driving car than in other countries.
China is the largest passenger vehicle marketplace in term of sales and production volume in the world. Strong capitalization and the fast-growing automotive industry in China are likely to create high development opportunities in the global autonomous car market. The Chinese automotive industry is moving into autonomous car development. It is at the research and development stage, as well as in the testing and demonstration phase. Key stakeholders include global leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), joint-venture OEMs, domestic Chinese OEMs, and leading technology companies involved in the autonomous car development in China.
中國是全球銷量和產量最大的乘用車市場。中國強勁的資本推動和汽車行業的快速增長有可能創造自動駕駛汽車市場高發展機遇。中國汽車工業正在進入自動駕駛領域,目前處于研發、測試和示范階段。 主要參與者包括全球領先的汽車制造商、合資整車廠、中國國內汽車制造商,領先的技術公司也參與其中。

Global Autonomous Vehicle Asia 2017 aims to be #1 event in Asia, planning to gather 300+ Autonomous Vehicle Leaders from OEMs, Tech Giants, Startups, T1 Suppliers and Cross-border Stakeholders to explore Asian autonomous technology roadmap and initiatives, update autonomous progress and different paths, emerging autonomous & connectivity technologies, legislation and standards towards smart transportation, together with demand-driven business modes discussion for future commercialization and cooperation.



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